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America. FUCK YEAH!

American Tasters have just brought up 5,000 downloads of the podcast.  Take that rest of the world!



5 crazy countries a.k.a. the Top 5 nations of Tasters…

1) United States 2) China 3) Australia 4) United Kingdom 5) Canada

Canada has jumped into the Top 5 nations of Tasters for the first time.  What’s that all aboot?

11,000 downloads without mentioning Kony…

You guys have brought up 11,000 downloads of the podcast.  This is why we love the Taster army.  We promise there is more crap where that came from.


O Canada…

Canadian Tasters have just brought up 400 downloads of zee podcast.  Have some poutine to celebrate!


American Tasters, they be crazy…

A big shout out to all the fans in America.  You guys have just brought up 4,600 downloads of the podcast.  We don’t know whether to be proud of you or scared.


10,000 lost souls…

A big thank you to all the Tasters who have helped us reach 10,000 downloads since starting this poor excuse for a podcast back in May 2011.



And the Bottom 5 nations of Tasters are…

1) Qatar 2) Morocco 3) Bahrain 4) Lithuania 5) Colombia

Lift your game Tasters.


9,000 cries for help…

We have just clocked up 9,000 downloads of the podcast.  Thanks Tasters!  Give yourselves a pat on the back and take a good hard look at yourselves.


And the Top 5 nations of Tasters are…

1) United States 2) China 3) Australia 4) United Kingdom 5) Germany

Keep it up you crazy critters.


New site, same old shit…

We have put all of the Funny Aftertaste goodness into a one stop shop for all our loyal Tasters.  Not only do you get all the podcasts, but also written stuff too.  How cool is that?(don’t ask)

So hope you like it, and remember our new website address is www.funnyaftertaste.com.