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America. FUCK YEAH!

American Tasters have just brought up 5,000 downloads of the podcast.  Take that rest of the world!



5 crazy countries a.k.a. the Top 5 nations of Tasters…

1) United States 2) China 3) Australia 4) United Kingdom 5) Canada

Canada has jumped into the Top 5 nations of Tasters for the first time.  What’s that all aboot?

11,000 downloads without mentioning Kony…

You guys have brought up 11,000 downloads of the podcast.  This is why we love the Taster army.  We promise there is more crap where that came from.

Funny Aftertaste merchandise is here…

Hey Tasters, we are happy to announce the first range of Funny Aftertaste merchandise.  This stunning range of t-shirts is available in black, black and black.  So support us so we don’t steal your dvd player.

Funny Aftertaste t-shirts!

O Canada…

Canadian Tasters have just brought up 400 downloads of zee podcast.  Have some poutine to celebrate!

Best. Month. Ever.

February has been our biggest month yet for downloads of the show.  You guys have helped us to over 2,000 this month.  Keep up the good work.

We can smell the fear…

On second thoughts, it might just be the diaper.