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Hanging with comedy royalty…

Hey Tasters, Brock here.  First off, the podcast will be back after the Easter break.  With Easter and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival being on we thought it would be a good time to take a break and recharge the batteries.  So that’s that out of the way.

This past week I had the honour and privilege to meet and hang out with a few comedians.  Two of which inspired me to create this podcast, and in the last week they have also inspired me to do more.  The two comedians I speak of are Greg Behrendt and Wil Anderson.

Wil Anderson and Greg Behrendt

Wil Anderson and Greg Behrendt.

These two comedians have their own podcasts. Greg does a podcast with Dave Anthony called Walking The Room and Wil does a podcast with Charlie Clausen called TOFOP.  These two podcasts were the catalyst for me to ask Brent if he wanted to do a podcast.  Foolishly he said yes.  So I was lucky enough to see a Walking The Room live podcuddle (podcast) on Monday night.  Wednesday night I was a guest of Greg’s and saw his show and got to go to a VIP party afterwards.

Yours truly, Wil Anderson and Greg Behrendt

Yours truly, Wil Anderson and Greg Behrendt.

That Wednesday night not only did I get to sit down and chat to Greg and Wil, but I also met Dave, Charlie and had legendary Canadian comic Tom Green buy and have a shot with me and some fellow fanboys.  The night was surreal and very inspiring in terms of where I’d like to go with the podcast and I guess my own personal comedy.  To have two great comedians recognise me from Twitter was a major honour and blew me away.

Yours truly and Dave Anthony

Yours truly and Dave Anthony.

Thursday night was SUPER POD night.  It was a live podcast combining Walking The Room and TOFOP.  So four funny guys on stage.  It was awesome, inspired and very memorable.  Even the event staff got in on the act.  So Sunday night I am off to see Wil Anderson’s show and hope to see Tom Green’s show too before it ends.  The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is great and the city comes alive.  It’s got my creative juices flowing and I hope I can make you laugh more in the future.

Catch you later Tasters!