Monthly Archives: February 2012

Best. Month. Ever.

February has been our biggest month yet for downloads of the show.  You guys have helped us to over 2,000 this month.  Keep up the good work.


#35 – A death in the family, spiders, Paris Hilton… singer and puff puff granny…

In this episode we find out why spiders look big, why Paris Hilton has Shakira jealous and why Brock is in mourning.

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10,000 lost souls…

A big thank you to all the Tasters who have helped us reach 10,000 downloads since starting this poor excuse for a podcast back in May 2011.


#34 – Whitney Houston, Shakira Vs the sea lion, puff puff boom, German porn and when girls attack…

In this episode we discuss the demise of Whitney Houston, why sea lions have great taste in music and why smoking anything is bad.  Oh and some other stuff.

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#33 – The Superbowl recap, Valentines Day, Pizza Hut wedding and Cop that…

In this torturous episode we go over the Superbowl, discuss all things love for Valentines Day, mix love with pizza and laugh at the police.

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And the Bottom 5 nations of Tasters are…

1) Qatar 2) Morocco 3) Bahrain 4) Lithuania 5) Colombia

Lift your game Tasters.

9,000 cries for help…

We have just clocked up 9,000 downloads of the podcast.  Thanks Tasters!  Give yourselves a pat on the back and take a good hard look at yourselves.

We can smell the fear…

On second thoughts, it might just be the diaper.


#32 – The Superbowl, hugs are bad, hammered Harry Potter and Avril Lavigne kills…

We find out why a hug can be bad for you, as well as finding out why Avril Lavigne could even be worse for you.  Oh yeah and we mention the Superbowl too.

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This is why we love retail #2…

We love you long time!